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11 Best Field Watches in 2020: Reviews, Buyer Guide & FAQ

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The history of using field watches is very old and goes back to many ages. In old ages, people use field watches for the traditional aim of the battle. There are huge advancements in the style of watches over time. If you are looking for the best field watch at a good price, then always choose the watch that has leather or canvas band, stainless-steel case, and the best quality movement.

This article will present you the best field watches under $100, $200, $300 and $500. The article will also tell you about how to choose an affordable and good watch on the bottom of the page.

The field watch is specially built for outdoors and battlefield. It comes up with sharp styling and heritage looks. Our below reviews encompass the field watches that you can purchase. We divided the article into 4 segments that comprise of $100, $200, $300, and $500 range watches. So let get started!

Field watches under $100

Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Field Watch

Timex Men's Expedition Scout 40
Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40

It is one of the budget field watches that was manufactured by Timex. Timex is an American Watchmaker company that manufactures reliable, and stylish watches every time. Most of the watches manufactured by the brand are highly popular rated because of the best quality and durability.

Timex Expedition scout offers the best, no-frills, and modest setup. The watch is the best accessory for daily use. This is the watch that can easily run on the quartz analog movement. The unique features of the watch are the date window, military time setting, and black dial with major Arabic numerals.

If you are looking for a field watch that is well equipped with luminous hands and Indiglo backlight technology, then this watch is best. The luminous hands ensure you watching the time in completely dark. The watch comes with 40mm black brass casing that equipped with the mineral glass crystal window. It is the best water-resistant watch with having a capacity of about 165 feet.

The watch is suitable for only swimming but not for diving and snorkeling. This watch also comes in various colors. So, you can choose the watch with your personality and style.


  • Suitable for: Men
  • Water-resistant: 165 feet
  • Band casing: 40-mm


  • Durable and quality
  • Adjustable green nylon strap of 20mm length 
  • Quartz analog movement
  • Military time setting
  • Backlight Technology 
  • Suitable for swimming
  • High-quality and adorable watch
  • Visible time in darkness
  • Comes in various colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Not suitable for diving and snorkeling

Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Timex Men's Expedition Field
Timex Men’s Expedition Field

Timex is the world-best American company that uses world-class craftsmanship and premium materials. The company uses high-quality material in manufacturing reliable and accurate field watches that can remain for a longer time.

The Timex Men’s Expedition is the best mechanical field watch. It has a mineral glass pure crystal window and stylish casing made from brass. It is an amazing combination of the brass case with leather straps that looks practical and adorable. It can easily measure 1-by-20th seconds because of a 30-minute chronographic feature. This watch uses a classical analog quartz movement. It also features the black dial with the style of Arabic numerals.

It also features many other features like date window, Indiglo backlight, and much more. If you want the watch that you can wear in wet environments, then this is best. The watch has water-resistant property about 100m/330-feet. One drawback of this watch is that it is not perfect for scuba diving.


  • Suitable for: Men
  • Water-resistant: 330 feet
  • Band diameter: 43mm


  • Stylish brass casing 
  • Genuine leather strap 
  • 30-minutes Chronograph
  • Black dial with Arabic numerals
  • Premium quality and style
  • A durable and reliable watch
  • Wear in wet environments
  • Glows at night
  • Not suitable for scuba diving

Field watches under $200

Bertucci A-2T Original Classic Watch

Bertucci Men's Original 12122 A-2T
Bertucci Men’s Original 12122 A-2T

Bertucci is another American watchmaker company that exclusively manufactured the field watches. The watches manufactured by the company are highly affordable and are of the best quality. The company’s watch is tested by many individuals like law enforcement, military, mountaineers, and sea divers. Everyone is fully satisfied with the quality of this military field watch.

It is the best leading company that manufactured solid-titanium watches. The watch uses high-quality crystal glass build with the water-resistant and scratch-resistant property.

The overall construction of the watch seems long-lasting. The band of the watch is made from high-quality nylon. It provides a better level of comfort and durability. The watch has a capacity of water-resistant up to 100m or 330 feet. So, you can say that this watch offers a fine combination of tradition and innovation. It has a highly fashionable and stylish classic dial that enables you to watch time easily.


  • Suitable for: Both men/women
  • Water-resistant: 330 feet 
  • Band diameter: 40mm


  • Black Dial 
  • Solid titanium case
  • Mineral glass crystals
  • Water-resistant 
  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Highly durable strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Best for sea divers, mountaineers
  • Stylish design
  • American made
  • Old design date adjustment feature

Orient Defender Multi-Eye Functional Field watch

Orient Men's Defender Multi-Eye
Orient Men’s Defender Multi-Eye

If you are looking for the best military field watch, then this watch inspired you with refined design. The watch is an amazing multi-functional timepiece that offers stunning features. The watch features a highly aesthetic dial that also comes with subdials for days and hours. The clock also displays the date at the position of 6 O’ clock.

The watch offers the best reinforcement of scratch resistance because it is enclosed in a durable and sturdy mineral crystal dial window. The watch is housed with an amazing and adorable watch. It comes with 21-jewel and 40 HP reserve Japanese automatic movement.

This watch is manufactured by Orient which is always committed to providing you a quality experience. The watch is 100% water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. The watch comes up with a screw-down case and crown. The bezel material is made of stainless steel and it has a stationary function.


  • Perfect for: Men/Women
  • Water-resistant: 330 feet 
  • Dial: Black 
  • Band diameter: 44mm


  • Stainless steel bezel material 
  • Silver band color
  • Bandwidth 22-mm 
  • Black dial color
  • Made in Japan
  • High-quality features
  • Waster resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Elegant and simplicity
  • Cool and unique quality watch
  • Not so long-lasting

Timex Weekender Chronograph Field Watch

Timex Weekender Chronograph
Timex Weekender Chronograph

If you are looking for the chronograph, then Timex always ready to offers you the best chronograph field watch. It is the world-best and durable watch that comes with quartz movement and double layer fabric strap. The watch has water-resistant depth up to 30m. The beautiful chronograph subdials enable you to measure the time up to an accuracy of 1 by 20th of the second. If you want to run a race, then this watch is perfect for you.

The watch uses Timex Indiglo light-up technology that keeps the watch easily read the time in dim light. It is also the best date indicator for your day. The watch comes with 11 unique styles that enable you to choose the best one. It also comes with an extra leather band that enables you to swap it out in day time while dressing up. The watch comes with an adjustable double-layer strap that can easily fit 8-inches wrist. The silver ton brass case of 40mm diameter makes the whole set luminous and adorable.


  • Suitable for: Men/Women
  • Band diameter: 40m
  • Water-resistant: 30m 


  • Adjustable double-layered leather strap 
  • Green Dial 
  • 30-min chronograph 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easily adjustable watch
  • Adorable and high-quality watch
  • Light-up watch
  • Suitable for bathing and swimming
  • Great for ladies
  • Back-side has fallen off many times

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster driver

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster BN0150-28E
Citizen Eco Drive Promaster BN0150-28E

The best watch manufactured by Citizen brand. The watch comes with a stylish and rugged numeral bezel. The watch is carved with an aluminum bezel that makes look robust and awesome. The watch comes with black dial having luminous and broad hands of various colors.

The watch is highly equipped with the Eco-drive technology that enables the users to charge the battery with the help of a natural source like a light. It does not require any battery. The watch is water-resistant to about 200m. It is a perfect watch for snorkeling, showering, and swimming. The watch strap offers a sturdy and presentable look. It can easily e operate in any condition and temperature. The watch comes with a 5-years warranty.


  • Perfect for men
  • Water-resistant: 200m
  • Case diameter: 44mm


  • Light-powered eco-drive
  • Water-resistant
  • Polyurethane straps
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Eco-drive technology 
  • Comes in different colors
  • Perfect for marine activities
  • Comes with detailed face date window
  • Low-temperature resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 5-years warranty
  • Smaller watch face

Field watches under $300

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch 

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69429931
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69429931

If you are looking for a Hamilton field watch, then your wait is over. The Hamilton Khaki is deeply rooted in the military tradition. The watch serves as the classic and powerful field watch. The watch is highly reliable, durable, and precise. The stylish piece makes the person contemporary and modern.

The watch boasts the special design of the quintessential mechanical watch. The stainless steel casing with high contrast dial makes the watch durable and sturdy. The dial window is enclosed by the sapphire crystal. It is a swiss field watch that features 17-jewels that implanted in its movement. It can easily store 42-hours of the power reserve.

The stainless steel casing with an adorable green textile strap makes the overall look perfect. It features fixed and durable stainless steel bezel. It is a perfect watch for men and has a perfect solid casing. If the khaki style doesn’t suit you, in the previous article we recommended another budget and also a good watch Hamilton Men’s HML-H70455533.


  • Suitable for: Men 
  • Case diameter: 38mm 
  • Water-resistant: 50 meter


  • Green Nato Strap 
  • Stainless steel casing 
  • High-contrast dial 
  • Scratch-resistant crystal dial window
  • Water-resistant
  • A durable and reliable watch
  • Luminous and shine contrast dial
  • 17-jewel embedded
  • 42- hours of power reserve
  • Stylish timepiece
  • Not observed

Citizen Watches AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Citizen Watch Eco-Drive AT0200-05E
Citizen Watch Eco-Drive AT0200-05E

Citizen’s Eco-drive field watch is the best all men’s watches that can easily be powered by sunlight. The watch can easily be run off of “Japanese quartz”. The watch bezel is cute and of simple design. The watch can easily be made from stainless and durable steel. The watchband is the ribbed strip of the polyurethane.

One of the unique and impressive features of this clock is that it features water-resistance property. Many watches are suitable to use in water or walking in the rain. This watch is waterproof for about 330-feet. The watch can easily be used for various activities. The watch is suitable for those individuals who want to participate in various water activities.

The watch can easily be powered by light. The durable bezel of the watch is made from stainless steel and comes with a durable movement system. The watch is a beautiful and adorable combination of blue colors. The watch is an attractive but expensive one. It is a well-built watch with quality construction.


  • Suitable for: Men 
  • Water-resistant: 330 feet 
  • Case diameter: 40mm


  • Comes in blue color
  • Round watch featured
  • Blue Dial 
  • Eco-drive technology 
  • 100% stainless steel case
  • Mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant
  • Band with buckle closure
  • The date window is very small

Tsovet SVT-SC38 Watch

Tsovet Men's Watch JPT-CC38
Tsovet Men’s Watch JPT-CC38

Tsovet is another best vintage field watch that is a trustable one. The price of this watch is a little bit high. But it always gives you an adorable and stylish look. The watch is ideal for the man who wants to have a more stylish combination. The watch is a combination of smart, and simple craftsmanship and design.

The overall look of the watch is perfect. You need no worry about everyday stylish look. This watch is enough to bring an amazing design to your wrist.

The watch comes with a simple and straightforward design. With the strong leather band, the overall watch becomes durable and sturdy. The watch comes with quality craftmanship and mineral crystal face. The watch comes with perfect stainless steel. This stainless steel construction provides to have quick, easy, and safe storage all time.


  • Water-resistant: 50 meters
  • Case diameter: 40mm
  • Suitable for men


  • Adjustable band 
  • 2 cm band-width
  • Silver-white design 
  • Water-resistant 
  • 16-21 cm width 
  • Ideal for men
  • Stylish look
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Look awesome and strong leather band
  • Expensive

Field watches under $500

Invicta Men’s Pro-Driver Automatic Field Watch

Invicta Mens Pro Diver Gold 8928OB
Invicta Mens Pro Diver Gold 8928OB

This watch is evocative of the sunken treasure and deep blue waters. The 2-tone watch comes with best and luxury design features the capturing power. The watch guaranteed to capture onlooker attention. The stainless steel bracelet is beautifully accentuated with gold plating.

The watch is in a round shape that featured corrugated bezel and a magnified date window. The watch is of classic style and high performance. They are of great value and be the perfect partner of your sea or land adventure. Invicta watch has to be driven by the Japanese movement that can easily visible.

The watch utilizes the best and high-quality materials that can found in highly-priced brands. Each of the timepieces is highly crafted after rigorously testing.


  • Suitable for Men
  • Case diameter: 40mm 
  • Water-resistant: 660 feet, 200m


  • The watch is made in the USA. 
  • The watch is in round shape
  • Length: 210mm
  •  23K Golden plated stainless steel casing 
  • Stainless steel and gold-tone bracelet 
  • Foldover clasp 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Suitable for professional sea activities
  • Beautifully golden plated
  • Cute style
  • Not suitable for scuba diving

Luminox Atacama Field Leather Men’s Watch

Luminox Atacama Field Mens Watch 1925
Luminox Atacama Field Mens Watch 1925

Luminox is the top-rated brand offer products that are fall between expensive and affordable price range. All of the watches manufactured by this brand are top and high quality. So, that’s why this product is placed in the last segment. The watch offers a classic watch look. It also offers huge markers that are placed around the black dial.

The black dial of the watch looks very intention and precise. It makes it clean to watch the time easily. Both dial and case are blend perfectly with a high-quality leather strap. This watch gives a glancing sense of nostalgia. The watch features water-resistant property up to 200-meters. You can easily swim and take a shower along it.


  • Perfect for men 
  • Case diameter: 40mm 
  • Water-resistant: 660 feet, 200m


  • Imported piece
  • Casual style
  • Crushed black ion stainless steel 
  • Sapphire crystal 
  • Stainless steel case
  • Gorgeous Swiss field watch
  • Handsome watch
  • Robust strap
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable
  • Keep perfect time
  • Amazing color combination
  • Expensive one

How to choose the best and affordable field watch? 

Below you will find the best and comprehensive guide to choose field watch. This guide gives you essential information that can easily be accessed as well as easy-to-understand.

Watch Movements

When you purchase the watches, the main word that comes lot is watch movements. It is very important to tell you the working of the watch and keep perfect time. You can say that the watch movement is the heart of the watch.

The watch movement generally comes in 3-types:

  • Quartz
  • Automatic
  • Mechanical 

Watch Complication

The basic wristwatch tells the sues about the time. Many of the watches come in unique features. They can display the date and phase of the lunar. These features are known as complications. Besides these phases, some chronographs and tachymeters look cool. 

It depends on you that which and how many complications you need in your watch. According to your preference, you need to purchase the field watch for you. Many casual and sporty watches contain more complications.


Q1) What is field watch? 

And: These watches are specially designed for field operations. These watches come with durability, easiness, and simple design. The watches provide better sturdiness and durable construction. It is designed for soldiers on the war field for timekeeping. 

Q2) Which thing makes the field watch awesome? 

Ans: The simple and elegant design makes the field watch awesome. Besides these, the ease in time viewing, ruggedness of the military standards, and wearability make this watch perfect.

These field watches are designed for easy clasping with simple and sleek design on jobs and fields.

Q3) Where are the Bertucci field watches manufactured?

Ans: These watches are made in the United States of America. some parts of these watches are assembled & imported from various countries like Asia.

Q4) Is the Hamilton Khaki a perfect watch? 

Ans: Yes. This watch is perfect for the field because of various features like NATO strap, water-resistance property, and mechanical movement. These kinds of watches are smart looking and robust.

Q5) Can I wear this kind of watch with the suit? 

Ans: Yes. You can easily wear a field watch with any suit. These watches generally have sleep looks and subtle designs. The watches are presented in good quality and price.


So, these are the best field watches in 2020 available on the market that we mentioned above. These are the awesome timepiece because of its classic, durable, and stylish look. These watches also pass the test of time and are of perfect construction.

Field watches are watches that are worn by the soldiers. These are the best accessory to watch time accurately. These watches are made from stainless steel that makes it shock-proof, dustproof, and waterproof.

If you are also going for any enduring or military job, then you should purchase one of the above field watches. These watches will be the perfect companion of you for a long time journey.

So go and just brings the best mechanical field watch, swiss field watch or vintage field watch. We hope this article will provide you quality content. If you need more detail, then simply contact us. We will always offer you quality content all time.

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