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Hello. Our MACEVENTS team consists of 2 people: Patrick and Adam. We are friends from school who have become passionate about men’s fashion since high school, mainly with watches. We have been following every news about watches, watch brands and every new model introduced to the market for 10 years. We are enthusiasts who decided to set up a website where we can share our passion, knowledge and help many people choose the best watch for themselves. The price does not always go hand in hand with quality. We follow the market for many years, so we know what watches are suitable for each type, for example, personality, style or needs.

Our Team:

Patrick Macevents
Adam Macevents

Contact Us:

If you need to contact us, just use our contact form located in Contact Us or write directly to the email: contact@macevents.com.

If you have any suggestions on a topic or prepare a list of the best watches for a given profession, hobby, activity, types of watches or comparison of watches or brands, and you want to share with us, just contact us via the contact form or email.

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